Optimus Svea-123 Camping Stove Review

Have you ever heard of the Optimus Svea-123 Stove? When you are ready to backpack for a new adventure, a stove is essential. To keep up the energy and cook tasty foods, you need a stove. Most of the time, packing a stove is hazardous for every hiker due to its bulk nature. Here you can rely on the SVEA hiking stove, which is more user-friendly and lightweight. They will fit into a backpack of any size. They have been ruling the market for ages by leading the edge.

In 1955 the Sieverts Company launched SVEA-123 hiking stove. Since then, they never failed in serving hikers, being reliable and indestructible. This lightweight stove is reliable, having no moving parts with low maintenance. They can be claimed as the best-looking hiking stove with their attractive vintage looks. 

The attractive stove is made of solid brass in a highly compatible nature. Unlike other hiking stoves, they don’t have any moving parts, making them easily accessible. Being a self-contained unit, all you need to be conscious of is assembling. They come up with pumps and without pumps.

According to hikers’ needs, one can pick the convenient one. In both ways, the efficiency is impressive. SVEA hiking stove is ideal for every backpacker in high and low altitudes 

Features of the Optimus Svea-123 Camping Stove

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SVEA stove is unique in every way. They are the first choice of people who like vintage and aesthetic looks. They are designed to resemble the ancient making and style. This attractive stove never fails to impress with its features.

Despite the vintage look, the stove has some extravagant features as follows:

  • Efficiently burns white gas
  • Impressive fuel capacity
  • Reliable burn time
  • Structured one-piece design
  • High stability
  • Folding pots suitable to any size of pans
  • Lid alter into a small cooking pan
  • Individual pressurizing
  • Control lever to deliver appropriate flame
  • Simple and efficient
  • Highly durable
  • Easy assembling and setup
  • Perfect little packed unit

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Pros and Cons of Using the Svea-123 Camping Stove

Every item has pros and cons. According to the customer review, the most common advantages and disadvantages of having it is listed here. They have a high customer satisfaction rate. Still, the customers expect few features to it. Before buying the product, analyze your needs with the following merits and demerits.

Pros of Using a Camping Stove

  • They are reliable with protecting windscreens and small pots
  • They possess high longevity by functioning well in the high altitudes.
  • With a high fuel-efficient nature, they work well in poor quality or old fuel.
  • To ignite, need only a few procedures to assemble
  • Appropriate for boiling and cooking pasta and rice
  • Ideal conditions serve less boiling time precisely less than 4 minutes
  • The integrated windscreen protects and supports the pan.
  • They are rigid and rough with an indestructible design
  • Eco-friendly product with no plastic material
  • Simply repairable 
  • Being low maintenance, one can be carried and used lightly.
  • The high noise often be a weapon to keep the wild creatures away in hiking.
  • Budget-friendly among hiking stove

Cons of Using a Camping Stove

  • A few times the burn is non-existent with low wind protection: This can be resolved by being a defender while lighting at the time of bad weather conditions.
  • Little noisy for the serene and calm places: Not so silent nature often being irritable
  • Heavyweight compared to few available stoves: the bulk nature of brass makes them difficult to maintain
  • Only work on white gas: they work well on white gas but not on others
  • Little stable: customers faced an issue with stability in their hike
  • Slow prime: they take little time to get started.

Uses of the Optimus Svea-123 Stove

Particularly designed for hiking in their every adventure including alpine climbing, mountaineering, camping and every other outdoor stay. The open lid and compatible lid are best for boiling water and cooking light things.

They aren’t considered for baking items in your hiking. Often, they function well in burning the snow into the water. They are a good companion for every outdoor stay with their lightweight and reliable nature.

When you want a lightweight and well-working burner for your backpacking, you can always opt for SVEA-123 stove.

They are synonyms of hiking stoves, but they also meet every outdoor need. They are the perfect companion with limited worries when you are ready for a night out or star gazing.

People tend to carry these for the picnic with the family and even for friend’s get-togethers. The instant boiling burner makes efficient energy-conserving and time saver.

Alternative Camping Stoves To Buy

Anbull Biomass Camping Stove

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Fuel: charcoal, cow dung, biomass pellet fuel, and firewood

Inbuilt: stainless steel
Approximate weight: 7 ounces


  • Highly efficient: The unique 9V turbocharged blower system compresses the air before entering the combustion chamber to reduce the gas volume and increase the density.
  • Fast: They have a fast ignition and boiling system with rapid heating up feature. Despite being rapid, they are smokeless.
  • High quality: The outside of the body is made of stainless steel with a stiffener and microporous plate. This leads to high compressive strength, fast heat dissipation, and smooth air intake. 
  • Design: The conical air guide con, cylindrical combustion chamber multi-directional split enhances secondary mixed combustion oxygen. Foldable four-leg brackets and anti-tip make them suitable for every backpack.
  • Durability: They are highly durable, serving every function.

Duzhong Outdoor Mini One-Piece Liquid Fuel Camping Gasoline Stove

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Fuel: gasoline
Inbuilt: stainless steel
Approximate weight: 1.7 pounds


  • Strong firepower
  • Efficient working for every adventure, including camping and hiking
  • Collapsible stove mount to aid in slide prevention and to waggle
  • Unique patented explosion.



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Fuel: alcohol
Inbuilt: titanium and Japan origin
Approximate weight: .15 pounds


  • Impressive design including pot stand, alcohol stand, windscreen, and turbo plate. 
  • Ultralight, which makes easy carrying and backpacking.
  • This Japan-origin stove offers high-quality material and durability.
  • Efficient working by taking limited time.

Optimus Crux 8019260 Camping/Hiking Camp Stove

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Fuel: Liquefied petroleum gas
Inbuilt: synthetic
Approx. weight: 7 ounces


  • Efficiency: work well with a 3000W powerful burner jet.
  • Design: ultra-compact foldable wide burner head and stuff snack
  • Offers only one color.
  • The power source is AC/DC 

ATiAP Ultralight Titanium Wood Burning Stove

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Fuel: firewood and alcohol
Inbuilt: titanium
Approx. weight: .47 pounds


  • High combustion efficiency
  • Design: the wide mouth makes it easy to add wood for burning, four-sided wind holes aid in air circulation, the bottom holes enhance combustion efficiency
  • Stable: the cross-stand tripod design makes it stable
  • Durable: highly durable with convenient working.
  • Easy installation: easy to assemble and carry. They could be flatly packed into the backpack.
  • It works well in wood, branches, leaves, and alcohol as fuels.

How to clean camping stove burners?

First, make sure to unscrew the burners from its base. Then, scrub the burner holes with hot water and dish soap. To clean the residue stuck in holes, you can use a paper clip or safety pin. After that, thoroughly rinse the burner with warm water. Finally, let it air dry for four to six hours.

How to attach a propane tank to a camping stove?

Make sure you do this in a level area to prevent your stove from toppling over. Then make sure your camp stove is switched off completely. Now, connect your hose onto the camping stove, make sure it’s tight and secure to prevent any leakages. You can now check for leaks, making sure your connections are secured tight. You will know its a loose connection/faulty equipment if you see any bubbles form. Once you know that everything is okay, you can now release the gas and you should hear it running on your stove.

What can you cook on a camping stove?

You can cook a variety of meals on your camping stove – like oatmeal, sweet potato stew, omelets, etc. You can check out our post (https://gociety.com/food/easy-to-cook-vs-ready-to-cook-food/) for more ideas.

How long does a camping stove gas canister last?

A camping stove gas canister will burn for approximately 2 hours at high heat and 4 hours at simmer to provide you with all of the cooking power you need.

Closing Points

When you are in mind to buy a hiking stove, always analyze it with your expectations. Each brand has its specifications and drawbacks.

While SVEA-123 satisfies the expectation so far. When other brands offer similar features, SVEA stands out with high customer satisfaction and reliability.

If you like to create a hiking history without hustle, you can always rely on SVEA. People tend to pick durable and high-quality products at a reasonable rate. SVEA falls into this category in ease.

Unlike other brands, SVEA works in white gas. It is not affected by winter and snow in the same way as other fuel types do.

The loyal customers of SVEA have been having fun for years. Don’t hesitate to get one and have fun.

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