Fun Scale Ratings for Outdoor Activities like Mountaineering, Snowboarding, Ultramarathon and Shackleton

What is fun? What does it mean to have fun? Here we are trying to analyze the fun scale ratings for outdoor activities.  

Fun can be of any type that serves content to self. But according to Falstein, he minted a theory that explains the concept of fun by dividing it into three basic types: 

  • Physical fun – the fun for your body and mind by challenging physically 
  • Mental fun – the fun that mainly focuses on mental enjoyment 
  • Social fun – the fun that is delivered from social entertainment 

For example, adventures fall under physical fun that challenges our safety. These are the reasons we go outside to find the secret alley to happiness. It never fails to dispute your capabilities. It can be anything that workout your mental and physical health. When people like to connect with nature, they probably prefer outdoor adventure activities like hiking, biking, surfing, skiing, rafting, and the list goes on. 

Fun Scale Ratings for Outdoor Activities

We can differentiate fun into three types to eliminate complexities. They are: 

  • Type I 
  • Type II 
  • Type III 

Type I Fun 

When we plan our adventure, we expect fun in each step. Type I assures it. People have satisfaction and enjoyment while also doing and completing the activity. They often won’t cause damage or threat to people and are serving fun with ease. 

Type one fun can be anything that causes fun to you while doing it. It comprises mountaineering, biking, cycling, skiing, and surfing to enlist the adventures. All these will be on level one without any plight. An increase in the level of plight may aid in falling under type two fun. 

Examples of Type 1 Fun 


We tend to challenge our bodies through facile tasks to lessen mental suffocation. One of them is mountaineering. Hikers choose to trail in terrains of class one, conquering the trails without any chaos and agony. Exhilarating hiking in minimum danger and effortless hiking leads to Type I mountaineering. 

Fun Scale Ratings For Outdoor Activities Like Mountaineering - Type 1

Another enthusiastic adventure possession of hikers and riders, biking can be done on sloped terrains and crowded roads.  

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Biking stimulates physical strength and internal functioning. It can be done on bikes and cycles. Biking in terrains constantly adds adventure, one of the main reasons to indulge in biking at any time and any place. 

Besides terrains, country areas can also serve adventure purposes in a limited time and distance. One of the prominent biking is hardtail biking. They are done in a rugged path with ease. Type I biking is constrained to comfort and safety. 


Another Type I fun is skiing. It can be a recreational activity or a regular hobby based on our needs and preferences. They are done on snow-covered slopes using skis to slither and slip in the snow. It can be tried by anyone who likes to challenge the brain and mind. Often it serves as a refreshment activity for people who like to spend their leisure time sliding. There are various types of skiing. Based on its nature, they drift to various types of fun. 


Coastal area people are old hands in surfing. Irrespective of the age group, they provide fun to people. A water sport where a surfer uses a surfing board to ride in a moving wave of water, it transfers the person to the shore through waves. Type I surfing relaxes your body with a few moments of distraction in water. 

Fun Scale Rating For Outdoor Activities Like Surfing - Type 1

Type II Fun 

Type II fun is slightly different from Type I, but it is the most enhancing and gratifying of the three.  

It usually doesn’t grant fun at the moment, and they serve a sense of happiness only after the event occurs. This makes them peculiar feints among the fun. They carry danger and exhausting nature throughout the event. When people reminisce about the events, it reflects the satisfaction of amusement.  

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Despite their odious nature, they make you forget all the miseries you had after the events precisely after one day, maybe a month or two. Soon enough, the thoughts will flourish only with good memories.  

Examples of Type II Fun 

Type II fun can be anything that enriches the adventure more than Type I, which encompasses standing out from your comfort zones and planning. A few examples of Type II fun are fourteener climbing, ultramarathon, bicycling, and snowboarding. 

Fourteener climbing 

Mountain peak with an elevation of 14,000 feet or more is termed as fourteener. Climbing or hiking fourteeners mostly are thrilling and chilling. They are done under proper training and preparations.  

Mountaineering alone can be Type II fun when weather shifts abrupts climbing and menace demeanor. They pose a risk to make the trail adventurous enough without being deadly. Scrambling and class two level fourteeners make it convenient to be type II fun. 

Fun Scale Rating For Outdoor Activities Like Fourteener Climbing - Type Ii

Any footrace longer than a traditional race run is known as ultramarathon. It usually has a length of more than 42.195 km. The marathon varies from shortest to longest, depending on the distance. They weaken your body with every step, but ultimately they build satisfaction to enhance your faith in yourself.  

Generally, a 100km race is termed as the longest, but some races are more than 100km or multi-day races for completion. They can be conducted anywhere, including trails and roads. Various age groups can participate in ultras. 


Bicycling across the country can be called Type II fun. Like ultras, length is also considered to be included in Type II fun. Bicycling is usually done for leisure purposes, but sometimes people choose bicycling to make awareness regarding a specific topic.  

Cycling is mainly done for pleasure and adventure. Type II fun cycling can last for weeks and months. There are various types of bicycling, including ultralight, terrain touring, and fully loaded ones. 


Fun Scale Rating For Outdoor Activities Like Snowboarding - Type 2

Using a board over the skii, adventurers glide in the snow-covered slope to feel content and alive. Like skiing, snowboarding is also done in skis, but they differ due to its arduous nature in gliding. The board is attached to the rider’s feet, enhancing faster gliding. It is Type II fun because of its thrilling and adventurous nature.  

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Type III Fun 

Fun is only there in the name. Strangely, they lack fun at the time of occurring or neither during reflection. When the memory fades and time heals the heart, it may reflect fun but won’t dare to repeat the event. Most of the time, one curse for doing it, even during reflection.  

In retrospect, they fail to bluff. They are highlighted as a threat to your life and may result in ambush. Most of the time, it ends with rescuing. It might inspire in narrating a great story but lack assuredness for another attempt. 

Examples of Type III Fun 

Mountaineering and getting trapped 

When you backpack with proper research and still get stuck between your trail, they can be categorized as Type III fun. Your trail ends in a rescue team with bitter memories and experiences. 

Shackleton crossing Antarctica 
Fun Scale Rating For Outdoor Activities Like Shackleton - Type 3

Ernest Shackleton invented Type III fun through his adventure trip when he failed to find fun on his trip. With more extensive injuries and bad physical pain, you won’t feel fun, leading to lethargy and fear of your trip. 

Closing Points 

These three types of fun can be varied depending upon the experience. They’re often subjective to change their nature over time. Sometimes Type I will become Type II fun due to its dangerous nature and not having fun while doing it. Type II fun can also be shifted into Type III fun because of its nature and how close you were to the danger. Even though Type III fun made you meet the edge after years, you may still find fun while reminiscing it. 

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