Collapsible Hiking Poles – Types, Differences and Our Recommendations

The delineation of a hiker is famed for three iconic shapes: the boots, the backpack, and collapsible hiking poles. These three combined the exact picture of what we need while hiking the mountains. So before backpacking, scrutinize the balance and protection of trekking poles, which plays a vital role in the best trekking experience. 

One of the peculiar sights is the hikers without boots or backpacks, unless and until they are bizarre. Some of the good reasons to opt for hiking poles while hiking are: 

  • An extra boost for your trail 
  • To guard the joints 
  • Easiness in walking 
  • To test the terrain before stepping 
  • To help to set up the tent 
  • Frighten the wild creatures 
  • Clear the path 
  • Create new points of support 

Types of Hiking Poles

Collapsible Hiking Poles

Before choosing the best, let’s analyze the various hiking poles. 

1) Telescopic or collapsible: two-three pieces 

It is one of the eminent and common hiking poles composed of two or three pieces of aluminum, carbon, and adjustable by means of knobs. The length of the pole can be easily adjusted depending upon the size sections of the terrain.  

Trekking poles with two pieces and one adjustment point are convenient for use. They can be stretched and shortened depending upon the terrain of the trail, but often it’s difficult to compress. All these make this pole the perfect choice for short-day hiking and snowshoeing when there is no need for backpacking. 

Trekking poles with double adjustment points make them flexible to any situation. The two adjustment points aid in picking the right length for the ground, while the three separate sections pave themselves for easy storage in the backpack. These factors make the best for rough terrain, overnight stays, and extended trekking. 

2) Fixed Length 

In contrast to collapsible, fixed length is not adjustable. The lighter poles do not require multiple pieces and adjustment screws. Non-flexibility makes them different, as they can’t be stored in the backpack. This makes a better preference for trail running. As it can’t be adjusted, be conscious while evaluating the size of the sticks to be coordinated with your height. 

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3) Folded or Z Pole 

Due to the rise in the popularity of hiking, markets are offering various models of folding poles. The sticks of this type of pole break into three parts. It is connected by a single elastic cable, hitching them together as soon as brought back together. This makes them flexible in backpacking without the hustle and rapid functioning in terrain. 

4) Mixed 

In the modern era, the lack of hybrids in any sector will be an amusement. The hiking poles also offer hybrids that serve both worlds. Usually, they have a folding pole model with the capability of adjustment. In short, they are telescopic poles with adjustment and folding poles with compactness. 

Collapsible Hiking Poles vs. Regular Hiking Poles 

Secure grip is the core responsibility of poles in hiking. They play as a stress reliever on the legs and joints, thus helping in an improved posture of hikers. The collapsible hiking poles are designed for every age group by guarding and securing their grip tightly. 

Some of the factors differentiate collapsible factors the better pole from regular hiking poles: 

  • Use. Hikers usually seek a pole with greater utility benefits in low stress for the body and joints. The significant factor of hiking poles is to secure the trail in the terrain from falling and eliminate risk. 
  • Advantages. Because of its flexible nature, it can be stored in a backpack without usage. Hikers have the freedom to hold the pole in their trail easily. They also help in adjusting the heights at a better concern. 
  • Material. The market offers carbon and aluminum poles. While carbon poles help in the light pavement, aluminum poles offer firm nature in stony soils due to its heavy nature and material cost. 
  • Exact length. Due to its foldable nature, it can be adjusted perfectly fine. Can increase and decrease the size of poles at downhill and uphill. 
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While regular hiking poles lack the qualities to function smoothly in the vigorous trail, selecting a collapsible one for easy access and compactness throughout the hike is always better. 

Pros and Cons of Collapsible Hiking Poles 

  • Balance Support. It is often difficult to balance in the terrain with a heavy backpack. Hiking poles ease the tricky terrain with enhanced balance and support. The hiking poles shift the stress from legs to upper body and arms. 
  • Assitance in River Crosswalk. It helps in maintaining balance in the river. With the pair of hiking poles, the river crosswalk becomes easy for the person. 
  • Knee Saver. Lessens the strain in legs that usually weighs the trail havoc.
  • Rain Usage. Everything won’t slip in the wet path. When the boots and socks fail to perform, the poles strengthen your hold. 
  • Assistance in Walking if Injured. Providing muscle support and easiness in strolling, the poles make it fine to be injured. 
  • Applicable to Unstable Terrain. The poles support hiking irrespective of all-weather and surroundings. They are compatible in every form of terrain. 
  • Self-Defence Tool. While hiking, you might face an uninvited guest. To protect yourself from those situations, hiking poles can work as shields and weapons. 

Best Collapsible Poles You Can Buy in 2022 

Listing the best collapsible poles that are available in the market: 

Cascade Mountain Trekking Poles

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  • Models: They are available in 3 different colors, including light blue.  
  • Material: They possess a tight grip with EVA foam for better functioning. Aluminum being the shaft material, it works more versatile in rigid surroundings. Despite being made up of aluminum material, they are lightweight.  
  • Supreme comfort: Having an extended length of 54 inches, it aids in providing ultimate comfort with EVA foam grip and adjustable wrist straps.  

With a high number of satisfied customers, they are labeled as great value for money. In addition to all of its features, the product also comes with a bonus tip kit, including snow baskets, mud baskets, rubber boot tips, rubber tips, trekking pole tips, and carry bag. 

Covacure Hiking Poles

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  • Models: They avail in two different colors, black and blue 
  • Material: They are built-in aluminum material with 7075 aluminum alloy. 
  • Easy folding system: they offer a unique and modern folding system to use aids in extending the poles instantly. 
  • Super comfort: with flexible nature, they enhance stability on different terrain. The cork handle offers excellent strength and good handling with a wrist strap and sweat absorbent. An adjustable wrist strap helps relax the grip slightly and transfers the pressure to the arm. 
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Trekology Hiking Poles 

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  • Material: The product is manufactured in aluminum with aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum shaft material. 
  • Ergonomic handle: The high-density EVA handle features an ergonomic design that allows easy handling and keeps the hands dry. 
  • Durability: It is designed for rough terrains with heavyweight supporting nature. The metal cap joints enhance the protection. 
  • Super comfort: This lightweight model is suitable for all occasions with comfortable fold handles. It is the first choice for every enthusiastic hiker. 

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles 

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  • Model: It is available in eight colors, including aqua sky, plum purple, and black. 
  • Material: Built using aluminum, they are lightweight poles with aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum. They have great durability in rugged terrain and almost every weather. 
  • Super comfort: With adjustable poles, they are easy to use and can be easily operated with one hand. 
  • Enhanced functioning: It features padded straps and moisture-wicking handle Corke handles that mold the shape of the hand for better grip on each step. 

VISSSVI Trekking Poles 

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  • Material: The product is made of carbon fiber and shaft material of aluminum. Being an ultralight material, it is perfect for short hikes offering convenient use. 
  • Super comfort: With an EVA foam cork handle, they are designed for every hiker, offering wrist strap, sweat-absorbent, skid resistance, comfortable and safe. 
  • Warranty and guarantee: It assures durability, and in case of troubleshoots, they offer a warranty for two years and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

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