5 Fun Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

A scavenger hunt is a game or activity designed to encourage kids to find hidden objects or items. A fun outdoor scavenger hunt is an excellent idea for kids as it will keep your kids active, and they will also be exposed to fresh, natural air.  

Kids Playing A Fun Outdoor Scavenger Hunt On The Porch

With an outdoor scavenger fun hunt, kids will also learn something new. Playing outdoor games will further strengthen their physical stamina and boost their mental health. You can even get creative and plan a scavenger hunt in the yards or wander into the lush greens for the clue. 

An outdoor scavenger hunt can be beneficial for your kid in many ways. Here are some of the benefits associated with the same: 

  • A child will explore and learn about new things  
  • It will strengthen the child’s observation skills  
  • It will help your child’s brain and boost their memory 
  • It will help in the development of the early learning skills 
  • It will help your child to make observations independently 

Fun Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas  

An Outdoor Scavenger Hunt activity will help expose your children to observe nature. The kids will also have to work together to solve difficulties and get to the final results in this game. It will also help build teamwork skills in children. 

Here are some Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas that you can consider conducting with your kids: 

Insect Scavenger Hunt  

The insect scavenger hunt is a fun and engaging activity for kids. There are plenty of backyard insects in the outside world, such as squirrels, butterflies, crawlies, etc.  

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Many young kids are often scared of insects and sometimes feel that insects or bugs are bad. Some children even assume insects are no less than scary movie villains.  

As parents, you should take steps and introduce your kids to see local insects. Let them explore their scientific skills and try their hand at everything. This will even help them get rid of the fear. To play insect scavenger hunt activity with kids, you will need the following: 

  • You can print images of insects or bugs on a paper sheet. 
  • Cut each of them into cards. 
  • Sort the cards alphabetically. 
  • Teach and explain in detail about insects accordingly.  

The insect scavenger hunt will encourage your kids and keep them busy. You should give your kids a magnifying glass to find unique creatures in the parks. You should even consider rewarding them for successfully completing one step. 

Shape Scavenger Hunt  

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A shape scavenger hunt is another fun and challenging activity for kids. This activity will help them learn about different shapes. You will need the following: 

  • Checklist of different shapes of objects such as stars, diamonds, and rectangle 
  • Whitepaper  
  • Pen or pencil  

You can either conduct it inside or outdoor the home. It will help them explore and learn about different shapes through play.  

Ask your little ones to find objects of the same shape. You can consider hiding different objects and encourage them to find things of specific shapes.  

Leaf Scavenger Hunt  

Leaf scavenger is an outdoor hunt that involves searching for different leaves. The participants will then have to match them up to the pictures on the cardboard and affix them to the board. It is a very easy game, and you will only need materials such as cardboard, markers, and glue or staple to pin-up.  

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Knowledge is an essential skill, and playing such scavenger hunt games is a fun way to teach them about different things.  

Leaf scavenger outdoor hunt will also help your kids identify various leaf shapes. The game will help them figure out which trees are on their streets. You can also take the game as an opportunity to teach your kids about environmental science lessons.  

Color Scavenger Hunt  

The color scavenger hunt is another great idea to engage your kids in an activity. The color hunt activity will help kids explore new things around their surroundings and learn about different colors. Kids can do various color-fun activities with their parents at home or with their classroom friends. You can even organize a color activity in the park outside.  

The activity can help kids understand or learn different types of colors and find their names. You will need the following items to conduct this activity:  

  • Few white papers  
  • A set of colorful sketch-pens  

Keep your kids busy and challenge them to find something of each color. Talk and explain to them if they find any difficulty. You can consider showing them the swatch of the color on the whitepaper and send them into the lawn area to find the item of that color.  

Photography Outdoor Scavenger Hunt  

A photography outdoor scavenger hunt is a great idea that will help them explore the natural surrounding. Kids can go to the backyard or even outside. You can make a list of items to photograph and then ask them to take the snapshots.  

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This activity will teach them about outdoor photography. It would be best to have these basic things when you and your kids are exploring the photography scavenger hunt: 

  • Choose a clean hygiene location for your photography outdoor scavenger hunt.  
  • You can choose areas such as a park or a children’s indoor amusement center.  
  • You must have a handy camera or smartphone. 
  • You must have a bag in which you will carry a water bottle, snacks for your kids. 
  • Must bring a notebook and a pen to take down the notes.  

Closing Points  

As described above, the outdoor scavenger hunt ideas will help your kids grow in a better way and boost their development skills. It would be best to encourage your little kids to learn about different objects and items.  

Playing the scavenger game outdoors will help you and your kids stay connected with nature. It is an excellent opportunity to allow your kids to learn and discover different sorts of objects or items in the neighborhood.  

This is also a great game if you are camping with kids, as this will keep them entertained, interested, and occupied. Letting them explore will help them love camping and make them look forward to this typically-adult hobby. 

Try any of the fun outdoor scavenger hunt challenges and assist your little learner in making some discoveries.  

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