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Kayaking is done over water using a kayak. It differs from canoeing due to the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades.  Oru kayak is the best option for those who are looking for a kayak that won’t take much space in storage.

Oru Kayaks are also small compared to other kayaks. They can be folded easily and carried everywhere effortlessly. They can also be stored in car trunks, buses, and even flights.  

It is designed for a unique and luxury experience in limited spending. They are also well suited for beginners and mainly in calm water. They serve equally to newbie and experienced kayakers. 

Check out the Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak:

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Oru Kayak Models

Various types of Oru kayaks can be found in the market. They are as follows: 

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Features of the Oru Kayak

Oru kayaks vary from others due to their peculiar features. Some of the features include: 

Open Cockpit

The three models of Oru kayak offer an open cockpit. They are preferred by users who like to sit and paddle. They even allow resting the foot on edges. They are designed in a way that makes easier entry and exit. They are recommended to use in calm waters. 

Closed Cockpit

Also known as “closed decks” in boats, they are designed for oceans and high waves. Often, closed-cockpit paves difficulty to re-enter once they execute a wet exit. 

Oru Pack

For a few models of oru kayak, they offer a transferable backpack to carry them over shoulders by folding. The bag also makes space for extra gear to carry. 

1. Inlet Model

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They are the most lightweight and smallest in line. They weigh 20 pounds and are easy to assemble.  

With quick assembling nature, they can be transferred anywhere. The adjustable footrest and backrest give enough force to quick paddling as needed. 

  • User level: beginner to first-timers 
  • Weight: 20-25 lbs 
  • Best paddle: calm water  
  • Time to assemble: 4-6 minutes   
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2. Beach LT Model

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This is designed for beginners and experienced paddlers who need much storage space for day trips or long paddling. Like inlets, they too are easy to assemble by weighing 26 pounds which is lower than traditional kayaks.  

The high stability nature of the beach LT model makes it suitable for beginners. 

  • User level: experienced 
  • Weight: 26-30 pounds 
  • Best paddle: calm streams 
  • Time to assemble: 5-10 minutes to complete. 

3. Bay ST Model

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They are apt for beginner and advanced level paddlers. They are best suitable for long day paddling, fishing, and backcountry paddling over oceans and rivers that possess small waves.  

With around 26lbs weight, they make easy assembling nature and high durability. They have an adjustable footrest and backrest with skit ready cockpit. 

  • User’s level: beginner to advanced 
  • Weight: 26 lbs 
  • Best paddle: choppy rivers and six-foot oceans 
  • Time to assemble: 10-15 minutes. 

4. Coast XT Model

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They can handle robust expeditions with much choppier waters, even overnight. They are designed for intermediate and advanced level paddlers, which weigh 36 pounds.  

In a heavy surf, it hauls enough gear for overnight paddling. They have every feature of the other three kayaks, including thigh braces. It is an exceptional feature from every other Oru kayak. 

  • User level: intermediate to advanced 
  • Best paddle: heavy surf 
  • Weight: 36 pounds 
  • Time to assemble: 10-15 minutes 

5. Haven TT Model

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With a feature to switch the seat from single to double, they perform well on calm lakes and rivers. Being a super stable kayak, the TT also has high storage space to accommodate gears. They, too, have an adjustable backrest and footrest without compromising paddling speed. 

  • User level: beginner to intermediate 
  • Best paddle: calm water 
  • Weight: 41 lbs 
  • Time to assemble: 10-15 minutes 

Comparisons with Other Kayak Brands 

Some of the best kayak brands other than oru kayak are: 

All have unique features, but oru kayak offers foldable and transportable kayaks at reasonable rates.  

Every model differs in serving the purpose. Oru kayak is for those kayakers who don’t want to go kayaking but also need storage space and security. They serve every level of paddlers with easy handling.  

Those looking for kayaks that only serve paddling and floating in the water can choose any other traditional kayak.  

Why You Should Buy Oru Kayak

  • They are real boats 

They make every journey exceptional. From light river paddle to high-flowing rivers, they perform without bias. They cover both class one and class two rivers.  

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They work efficiently for both beginners and experienced paddlers. Some users claim oru kayak managed to work in class three without any issues, but usually, they are not recommended to use in those situations. 

They are easily carried anywhere you travel. This foldable kayak smoothly functions, as the average weight of an oru kayak is about 25-30lbs. The foldable nature enables it to fold to backpack with ponderous for few in various ways. Even though it appeals weird while toting, it’s a great alternative for traditional kayaking.  

  • Lightweight and can be stored easily 

Generally, kayaks weigh above 30 pounds, but Oru kayak weighs around 25-40 pounds.  

Due to their lightweight, they can be stored easily. It effortlessly fits into the car trunk and spare space of your apartment. 

  • Easy assembling 

They are less complex to assemble. Mostly, they take 5-30 minutes to finish, but as time passes, you can be an expert by completing it in 10minutes.  

  • Stability and durability 

It’s stable and trail straight. At the same time, they are agile enough to lean and bolster.  

Most users are content with their foldable kayak performance for years. They have a long life without causing any issues to paddle and float in water. 

  • The US-made Oru Kayak illuminates 

At night they glow with the help of a few added lights. This makes it easy to spot in water even at night. The US-made oru kayak is much more reasonable and durable. 


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Oru Kayak

  • Expensive

Unlike traditional kayaks, they are a little expensive. The well-made folded kayak can be owned easily unless you are ready to spend more. 

  • Rugged to balance in the wind 

Due to their lightweight nature, they sometimes become difficult to handle in strong wind conditions. There are cases reported of rollovers on small waves. 

  • Not too comfortable

People claim seats are uncomfortable with narrow arrangements. 

Oru Kayak Alternatives

1. Driftsun Voyager

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  • Rapid inflates: They inflate quickly compared to other kayaks 
  • Storage: easily fit into the trunk and garage. 
  • Lightweight and durability: They fit nicely into the backpack, and the PVC tarpaulin bottom provides durable protection. 
  • Best paddling: Effortlessly perform on calm and choppy waters. 
  • Other additions: The additional features are a travel bag, rear tracking fin, ergonomic grip handles, EVA padded seats, and deluxe double action hand pump.  


2. Intex Excursion Pro

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  • Rapid inflates: They inflate fast and easily due to high-pressure spring-loaded values, extra rigidity, and stability. 
  • Storage: They have a storage capacity of 400 pounds 
  • Best paddling: Deep and shallow water. 
  • Other additions: They are resistant to damage from abrasion, sunlight, and impact—a high molecular PVC resistance to oil, gasoline, and saltwater.  
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3. Intex Challenger

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  • Durability: High durability with attracting graphics for added safety on rivers. 
  • Storage: Have a maximum capacity of 220 pounds. 
  • Inflates: Inflatable seat with backrest and cargo net to store extra gear. 
  • Best paddling: Best in slow-moving river and lake. 
  • Other additions: Aluminum oar, repair patch, manual pump and rugged vinyl construction. 


4. Advanced Elements

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  • Storage: Max weight 550 pounds 
  • Easy assembling: Simply unfold, inflate and attach the seats to set up. 
  • Best paddle: Calm water 
  • Additions: Three-seat locations, support, and adjustable seat for easy paddling. 

5. Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak 

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  • Easy assembling: Only requires five minutes to set up 
  • Foldable and Easy carrying: Backpack turns into the seat quickly 
  • Durability: Tarpaulin bottom and polyester cover provides high durability 
  • Best paddle: In lakes and rivers with low waves. 

Where to buy Oru Kayak?

The easiest way to buy an Oru Kayak is via amazon.com.

How to fold Oru Kayak?

First you have to pull off both bearings, remove seat backing and reinforcing rod. Then lift up the floorboard and remove then fold the valves. You have to turn it inward like
an accordion with a little help from your knee. Then look at the orange and black arrows and target to help fold the kayak. After doing so, place all the extra goodies back in the box, then bring the straps from one handle over the top to the other. Now we place the floorboard on and wrap shoulder strap loops over the lid and tighten.

How much is an Oru Kayak?

The cheapest Oru Kayak is the Inlet which will cost you $799. Beach Lt is around $1,199.00. Bay St is priced at $1,499. Coast Xt, the flagship Oru Kayak, and the Haven Tt (double seat kayak) are both $1,999.

Which Oru Kayak to get?

If you are a first time kayaker, it is recommended to get the Beach Lt due to is stability. Aside from that, it is also very easy to assemble. Making your first kayaking trip a breeze.

What size paddle do I need for a 12ft Oru Kayak?

Kayak Paddlesize

Aside from the kayak size, you should also take your height in consideration when buying a paddle. This sizing table should be able to help you determine the correct one for a 12ft (30″) Oru Kayak.

How well does Oru Kayak handle in the ocean?

If you’re a pro looking for an adventure, the Oru Kayak Coast XT is for you. It is comfortable and is able to stand up to harsh wind and surf found in more extreme waters such as the ocean.

How to affix lights inside an Oru Kayak?

The inflatable solar kayak lights can be placed inside the Oru kayak. They are inflated in seconds and take only hours to charge.

Closing Points

There are various brands of kayaks available in the market. Always pick the kayak based on your preference and needs.  

Before spending money on kayak research, the features and your expectations. If you need a folding kayak for reasonable rates with high durability and stability, the Oru kayak always serves you the best. 

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