Padded Bike Shorts

Best Padded Bike Shorts for Women

Ladies, when you are getting ready for an adventure, especially for a cycling or biking trip, you need the right gear like padded bike shorts. Considered a strenuous activity when done over a long period of time, cycling often makes … Continue reading

Kayak Cart - Kayaking

5 DIY Kayak Cart You Can Actually Build

The kayak is the ticket to the great outdoors. Whether bird-watching, exercising or grabbing some much-needed solitary time, the kayak allows it all to be done.  Yet, hauling the kayak across the land to water or portaging it isn’t easy, … Continue reading

Rock Climbing Clothing

Rock Climbing Clothing – Indoor vs. Outdoor

Preparing your rock climbing clothing is as essential as planning any gear necessary for an outdoor activity. Rock climbing is an adventurous activity, mainly done on a rock, which involves climbing over a natural or artificial rock wall. While it … Continue reading