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Camping storage refers to the storage equipment that allows you to hold your gears appropriately.

Exposure to moisture and temperature can impact the durability of the camping gears. Therefore, it is advised to avoid keeping them outside and store them properly. Storage for camping gears can be foldable/collapsible containers with lids, or even a camping storage table. These will help you view items and manage them easily. Aside from these, a camping water storage container is also necessary.

There are a lot of variety and options available in the market. You can get them in sizes and colors as per your requirement. 

Why do you need storage?

Camping Storage Ideas For Your Camping Gears

It would be best to have a storage container for your traveling, shopping, working out, hiking, and camping. The camping storage container is an effective alternative to plastic bags, paper bags, and boxes. You can efficiently load, unload and reload an entire campsite’s stuff.

Here are some of the benefits of using storage containers:

  1. Space-saving – Having a camping storage saves you time and space. The storage has a portable and durable design. It will allow you to stack all your needs in one place. You can keep essential items such as first-aid kits, prescription medicines, small utility tools, spare chargers, and batteries. You won’t have to carry different plastic bags or paper bags to keep all the necessary gear.  
  2. Water and tear-resistant – They have to be waterproof and tear-resistant. It will keep your essential camping supplies secure, such as groceries, clothing, tools, and equipment safe. It will provide a shield and prevents your supplies from getting damaged from heavy snow or rainwater. 
  3. Extra storage – A camping storage container such as camping totes stores anything from office supplies, house-ware items, water or even clothes. You can also use it when extra storage is needed.
  4. Convenience – The most significant benefit aside from extra space is convenience. You can leave it in your car so it will be there whenever you need it. Else, you can pull it if you need to put something else. All the items will be sorted in one place, which will add a layer of convenience. 
  5. Organized – A storage container keeps things organized, especially smaller items. You can easily see what is inside if you do not remember where you kept it.
  6. Use anywhere or anytime – A storage container is manufactured with good color retention. You can easily carry it with you all the time during your travels. 
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Considerations in buying a camping storage container

Use camping storage containers to protect your stuff properly and organize it. They are designed for easy lifting and carrying during any season.

The camping storage saves space and can help you in various ways. Here are some of the factors you must consider before buying any storage gear: 

  • Size of the storage 
  • Durability and the material 
  • Security features
  • Appearance
  • Location for camping
  • Cost 

Best camping storage to buy in Amazon

A camping storage container helps you load all of your essential supplies in one place.

Here are some camping storage ideas to get you started. These are some of the best supplies available in the market. 

WELLHONG Tackle Box Organizer with Seat

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Wellhong tackle box is a suitable organizer with a durable folding seat. The collapsible box organizer can be used conveniently while camping, or you can also use it for other outdoor activities. The box lid is designed as a seat, and you can even sit on the lid to use it as a chair. It keeps your essential things inside dry and protected during the journey.

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The Wellhong tackle collapsible box is the best camping gear to store the essential tools and equipment. You can also keep first-aid kits and prescription medicines in it. You can buy this to make your trip even more memorable and enjoyable. 

REDCAMP Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels 

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Redcamp is another storage gear that can be used for camping conveniently. It is a foldable duffle bag that comes with protected rolling wheels. The foldable duffle bag is even waterproof and tear-resistant. It even comes with an adequately expandable storage size.

You can use a Redcamp foldable duffle bag with rolling wheels for various purposes such as – traveling, shopping, gyming, hiking, and camping. The foldable duffle bag holds clothing, groceries, and essential gear. For your memorable outdoor experiences, you can use a Redcamp foldable duffle bag. 

TrunkCratePro Premium Multi Compartments Collapsible Portable Trunk

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TrunkCratePro has flexible space and a portable collapsible trunk that allows you to stay organized during traveling. It is one of the strongest, largest, and most durable trunk organizers. The trunk organizer is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Whether you’re going alone or with your family members, you can carry this easily. It has secured strap handles with grips that ensure you have the best experience. TrunkCratePro is the best camping gear designed to prevent your load from sliding. You can rely on this gear for all your camping needs. 

YETI LoadOut GoBox Divided Cargo Case 

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The Yeti cargo container is designed to keep you organized. It has an easy opening with secure closing and a storage caddy. It also has a smoothly removing divider that will allow you to load more stuff.

Yeti cargo containers are unbreakable even in the most extreme conditions. You can use the cargo case in any season and condition. The yeti cargo case is waterproof and dustproof. It will take even your items dry and safe. You can use YETI LoadOut GoBox to contain gears and equipment for your journey.

CleverMade 62L Collapsible Camping Storage Bins with Lids 

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CleverMade 62L is a folding and collapsible plastic storage bin with lids. This plastic bin with lids comes in a rectangular shape and can even hold 62 liters.

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CleverMade 62L is easy to clean and will simplify your travel journeys. You can enjoy your trips with your family members if you have CleverMade 62L with you. It is a space-saving solution to your day-to-day activities and extremely convenient camping.

What is the proper care and storage for camping equipment?

Make sure your camping equipment is properly cleaned and dried before tucking them away in camping storage containers. This will prevent them from getting damaged.

What exterior carrier do we recommend for extra storage on a car camping trip?

The team recommends the MeeFar Car Roof bag for additional storage on your camping trip. Not only is the bag durable, it is also 100% waterproof and made of tearproof material. Check out more of its features here:

How to keep mice out of a camping trailer during storage?

You can try using peppermint leaves/oils to keep mice out of your camping trailer. Make sure you spray the oils at all your trailer’s entry points.

How much storage should you have to go camping?

It would depend on how long you plan to go camping – but make sure you have at least 5L of water per person per day, along with food that would be worth more than 2000 calories per person. You should also consider bringing at least 2kg of wood that would burn for 3-4hrs, and at least 2 sets of clothes per day.

How to extend sewer storage for camping?

A way to extend your sewer storage is to get a portable sewer waste container like the 36-gallon Camco (39006) Rhino portable sewer container. This product will help you clear out your RV sewer tank, making space for new waste to be stored while transporting it neatly and securely to a dump station.

Closing points     

Having camping storage will make it easier to manage your gears during camping. You can use sustainable storage container boxes and foldable storage cases for indoor and outdoor activities. These camping storage ideas will help you have a stress-free camping experience. Check out for more articles about camping, hiking and the great outdoors.

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